What is CSAT and how is it calculated? Include CSAT scores from top technology companies.

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CSAT, or Customer Satisfaction Score, is a metric that measures how satisfied customers are with a company's products or services. It is typically calculated by conducting surveys that ask customers to rate their satisfaction level on a scale, often from 1 to 5. The percentage of customers who select the top ratings (4 or 5) is considered the CSAT score.

Calculating CSAT

To calculate CSAT, companies send out surveys to customers after an interaction or purchase, asking a question like "How would you rate your overall satisfaction with [product/service]?" Respondents choose a rating, usually on a 1-5 scale. The CSAT score is then calculated as: CSAT=Number of satisfied customers rating 4 or 5 Total number of respondents×100%\text{CSAT}=\frac{\text{Number of satisfied customers rating 4 or 5 }}{\text{Total number of respondents}}\times 100\% For example, if a company receives 1,000 survey responses, and 750 customers gave a rating of 4 or 5, the CSAT would be: CSAT=7501,000×100%=75%\text{CSAT}=\frac{750}{1,000}\times 100\%=75\%

CSAT Benchmarks by Industry

CSAT scores can vary significantly across industries. Here are some typical CSAT benchmarks for 2023-2024:
  • E-commerce: 80%
  • Software/SaaS: 78%
  • Banks: 78%
  • Life Insurance: 80%
  • Health Insurance: 76%
  • Social Media: 73%
  • Internet Providers: 68%
A score above 80% is generally considered excellent, while below 70% may indicate areas for improvement.

CSAT for Top Tech Companies

Some CSAT scores for leading technology companies include:
  • Intel: 72% (according to the Wall Street Journal)
  • Google: Average NPS of 62.33 across products/services
  • Samsung: Average review rating above 4.0/5 stars across dozens of products
  • Nvidia: NPS of 71.0 for desktop PCs
  • Apple: Among the highest satisfaction scores of major tech brands
While direct CSAT data is not always publicly available, high ratings, reviews, and net promoter scores correlate with strong customer satisfaction for these leading tech brands.
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