What is https://www.yesvedanta.com/living-nonduality-according-to-vedanta/ about?

According to the search results, the article "What's It Like to Live the Vision of Non-Dual ONENESS?" on the YesVedanta website is about the Vedantic understanding of living in a state of non-dual awareness:
  • When one realizes their true nature as unborn, ordinary, actionless, non-dual Awareness (Atman/Brahman), it does not mean the world suddenly disappears. The world remains, but with the understanding that there is nothing truly real or substantial to it.
  • This realization makes one "smart" because they no longer get fooled by the illusion of the world. They understand that nothing in this world can provide permanent happiness, so they shift their attention to the one thing that is truly real - their own awareness.
  • This state of being a "liberated person while living" (jivanmukta) does not mean the person becomes "empty" or has nothing to do. Rather, their identification with the action-figure "I" becomes firmly grounded in the understanding "I am awareness".
  • The qualified person who has this self-knowledge does not deny the experience of duality, but also does not get overwhelmed by it. They maintain a balanced perspective, recognizing the ultimate non-dual reality while still functioning in the apparent world of duality.
In summary, the article describes the Vedantic understanding of how one lives and functions in the world after realizing their true non-dual nature as pure awareness.
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