What is the difference between follow and no follow backlinks?

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The main difference between follow (dofollow) and no follow backlinks lies in how they are treated by search engines like Google for ranking purposes.

Follow (Dofollow) Backlinks

  • Follow or dofollow backlinks pass on "link juice" or ranking power from the linking website to the linked website.
  • They indicate to search engines that the linking site endorses and vouches for the quality of the linked content.
  • Dofollow links help increase the linked page's PageRank and can positively impact its search engine rankings for relevant keywords.
  • By default, all hyperlinks are follow links unless specified otherwise with the rel="nofollow" attribute.

No Follow Backlinks

  • No follow links have the rel="nofollow" HTML tag which instructs search engines not to pass on any link equity or ranking power to the linked page.
  • They do not directly help with the linked page's rankings in search engines.
  • No follow links are commonly used for user-generated content like blog comments, paid links/ads, and any links that should not be endorsed for search ranking purposes.
  • Despite not directly helping SEO, no follow links can still drive referral traffic to the linked site.
While follow links are generally more valuable for SEO, a natural backlink profile contains a mix of both follow and no follow links. An unnatural ratio heavily skewed towards only follow links can be a signal of manipulation and lead to penalties. Search engines may also use signals like anchor text from no follow links to a limited degree for ranking purposes, though the impact is likely small compared to follow links from high-quality, relevant sites. In summary, website owners should aim to attract follow backlinks from authoritative, topically relevant pages, while using no follow for sponsored, user-generated, or untrusted links they don't want to explicitly endorse for rankings.
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