Research 25 websites for the state and government support programs for startups and VC in Tokyo

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I have researched state and government support programs for startups and venture capital in Tokyo. Here are the top programs and initiatives:
  1. Business Development Center Tokyo: This is a one-stop support desk for foreign companies considering expanding their business into Tokyo. They offer online and face-to-face consultations for business establishment.
  2. Incentive Programs by JETRO: The Japanese government offers incentives for investment in Japan, including special zones implementing the program. Local governments also offer various incentives and support exclusively for foreign-affiliated companies and foreign companies planning to open an office in their region.
  3. City-Tech Tokyo: The Tokyo government pledged billions of yen in investment to support startups. City-Tech Tokyo aims to promote startups and city sustainability by providing networking opportunities and opening doors to spreading businesses abroad.
  4. Blockbuster TOKYO: This is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Startup Support Program specializing in drug design and medical startups.
  5. Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center: This center offers comprehensive support through seminars and business startup consultation/support.
  6. Plug and Play Tech Center: Tokyo offers a thriving venture capital market, with investors actively seeking promising startups. The combination of government support and ample funding contributes to the availability of capital.
  7. New Startup Strategy: Tokyo aims to become "the most startup-friendly" city in the world by building a new facility for young firms and increasing its procurement from such companies.
  8. Startup Cities Acceleration Program: This program supports a wide range of companies and founders in Japan, providing one-on-one coaching, pitch training, and a demo day before a global audience of investors.
  9. Shibuya Startup Support: This initiative, led by the Shibuya City Office, invites startup businesses from Japan and abroad to Shibuya. They offer a one-stop support service called "Startup Welcome Service" that assists with various administrative procedures in establishing a company or starting a business in Shibuya.
  10. Venture Capital Funds in Tokyo: There are 141 venture capital funds in Tokyo, investing in various sectors and supporting the growth of startups.
These programs and initiatives provide financial support, networking opportunities, and resources to help startups grow and succeed in Tokyo.
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