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State and Government Support Programs for Startups and VC in Amsterdam

  1. Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan: The Dutch government supports startups and entrepreneurs through this plan, providing better access to capital, knowledge, innovation, and the global market. The government has set aside €75 million for various activities, including early-stage finance, strengthening the international position of startups, attracting foreign startups to the Netherlands, providing temporary residence permits for non-EU entrepreneurs, and funding Eurostars projects.
  2. Government funding: provides information on various government funding options, such as Compensation for eHerkenning costs, Corona relaunch credit for SMEs, Credit Guarantee Scheme for Agriculture, Culture Capital Loan, Dutch Good Growth Fund, Dutch Trade and Investment Fund, Dutch Venture Initiative, Financial support for self-employed professionals, Fund against Child Labour, and Proof-of-concept funding.
  3. Startup Box: This online tool helps entrepreneurs identify suitable Dutch government funding instruments for their startups. The Startup Box is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, StartupDelta (now, Netherlands Chamber of Commerce KVK, and Netherlands Enterprise Agency.
  4. Innovation credit (Innovatiekrediet): This grant is available for innovative projects that lead to a marketable product, process, or service within five years. The business must be incorporated in the Netherlands, and the project must contribute to the Dutch economy.
  5. Proof-of-concept funding (VFF): This grant is available for startups that need to validate their business idea from a market or technical standpoint.
  6. AMS Institute's Amsterdam Circular: This two-month, cost-free program supports early-stage startups in and around Amsterdam with co-financing opportunities and an investor readiness program. The program is open to startups that are post-revenue and within the seed to Series B funding stages.
In addition to these government support programs, there are several venture capital firms, incubators, and accelerators in Amsterdam that can provide funding and support to startups. Some of the top VC firms in Amsterdam include Inkef Capital, Keen Venture Partners, Amsterdam Venture Partners, Rockstart, M Ventures, Finch Capital, Prime Ventures, Newion, and Revo Capital. Furthermore, there are startup incubators and accelerators such as the Amsterdam-Silicon Valley Founder Institute, Utrecht Inc, and WorldStartup that support entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.
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