Deepfakes are manipulated videos, photos, or audio recordings that appear real but have been created or altered using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The term "deepfake" originated from a Reddit user named "deepfakes" around the end of 2017. The underlying technology can replace faces, manipulate facial expressions, synthesize faces, and synthesize speech, allowing the depiction of someone appearing to say or do something that they never said or did. While deepfakes have benign and legitimate applications in areas such as entertainment and commerce, they are commonly used for exploitation. The potential implications of deepfakes include their use in pornography, disinformation, influencing elections, inciting civil unrest, and undermining public trust in audiovisual content. The technology to create deepfakes is becoming increasingly advanced, and there are concerns about the potential misuse of this technology. Efforts are being made to detect and combat deepfakes using AI models.
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