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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can indeed crack passwords by listening to keyboard clicks, a method known as an acoustic side-channel attack. This technique involves using AI to analyze the distinct sound patterns produced by keyboard keystrokes. Each key emits a slightly different sound when pressed, which can be captured and analyzed to determine the character being typed. By processing these sound patterns using AI algorithms, cybercriminals can determine the password being entered and use it to compromise an account11. A study conducted by researchers from the Universities of London, Durham, and Surrey demonstrated this capability. They created an AI system that could collect sensitive data by eavesdropping on keyboard sounds. The accuracy rate of the AI model in deciphering keystrokes was 93% when recorded through Zoom on a MacBook, but rose to 95% when recorded with an iPhone 13 mini2410. In addition to acoustic side-channel attacks, AI can also be used to crack passwords through brute force and dictionary attacks. In a brute force attack, AI can automate the process of guessing various password combinations until the correct password is found. This method is particularly effective against weak and short passwords due to the low levels of entropy11. AI tools like PassGAN have been developed to crack passwords. PassGAN, a machine learning-based AI password cracker, relies on neural networks to eliminate manual efforts in password analysis for password cracking or guessing. It has been shown to crack over half of the common passwords fed to its system in under 60 seconds39. To protect against these threats, it is recommended to use strong, unique passwords and change them regularly. Multi-factor authentication can provide an extra layer of security. Password managers can help keep track of passwords safely. It's also suggested to be aware of the sounds your keyboard makes when typing passwords, as these sounds could potentially be captured and analyzed5.
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