Adobe trained Firefly on Midjourney

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Adobe's Firefly, an innovative AI image generator, has been trained using AI-generated images from its competitors, including Midjourney. Despite Adobe's initial claims that Firefly was trained predominantly on Adobe Stock images, ensuring a commercially safe and ethically sound alternative to other AI models that scrape images from the internet, it was revealed that Adobe also utilized AI-generated content from these competitors to refine Firefly's model. This detail was not disclosed in Adobe's various presentations and public statements about Firefly, where the company emphasized the safety and exclusivity of its training data. Adobe responded to these revelations by stating that only 5% of the images used to train Firefly came from AI images created by other platforms. The company had offered bonus payments to people who contributed to the Adobe Stock database for training its AI, including those who submitted AI-generated images. This approach has sparked a debate over the ethics of using AI-generated content for training purposes and the transparency of such practices. The controversy highlights the complexities and ethical considerations in the development of AI technologies, especially regarding the sourcing and use of training data. Adobe's use of AI-generated images from competitors like Midjourney for training Firefly raises questions about the boundaries of ethical AI development and the responsibility of companies to disclose the sources of their training data fully.
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