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Andrej Karpathy, a prominent figure in the field of artificial intelligence, has left OpenAI, a leading AI research organization. Karpathy's departure was confirmed by a spokesperson from OpenAI. Before leaving, he was involved in developing a product described as an AI assistant and worked closely with OpenAI's research chief, Bob McGrew. This move comes nearly a year after Karpathy announced his return to OpenAI on X (formerly Twitter). His work at OpenAI was part of the organization's broader efforts to launch software capable of automating complex computer-based tasks, such as filling out expense reports and entering them into accounting software. Karpathy is well-known in the AI community, not only for his contributions to OpenAI but also for his role at Tesla, where he led the Autopilot efforts. He left Tesla in July 2022, after approximately five years of service, during which he significantly contributed to the development of Tesla's autonomous driving technology. Before his tenure at Tesla, Karpathy was already a recognized figure in AI, having been a founding member of OpenAI and a respected researcher in the field. His departure from Tesla was seen as a significant loss for the company, given his contributions to its acclaimed self-driving program. Karpathy's work at Tesla, particularly on the Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) systems, was integral to the company's advancements in autonomous driving technologies. After leaving Tesla, Karpathy briefly focused on creating educational content on artificial neural networks on YouTube before announcing his return to OpenAI in February 2023. Karpathy's career has been marked by significant contributions to AI, including his work on deep learning and computer vision. He completed his Ph.D. at Stanford University, where he focused on the intersection of natural language processing and computer vision. He has also been recognized as one of MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35 in 2020. The implications of Karpathy's departure from OpenAI are yet to be fully understood. His exit follows a period of notable changes within OpenAI, including the shock ousting of Sam Altman, the company's co-founder, in November 2023. Karpathy, among other OpenAI employees, expressed support for Altman and confusion over the board's actions during this tumultuous period.
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