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Apple Inc. has decided to delay the launch of its electric vehicle (EV) project, also known as "Project Titan", to 2028 at the earliest. This decision comes as the company has scaled back its initial ambitions for a fully autonomous vehicle, instead opting for a design with more limited features, similar to Tesla's Autopilot system. The new design is expected to offer basic driver-assistance features, requiring human attention and intervention when necessary, which is referred to as a Level 2+ system12. The Apple Car project has faced numerous challenges since its inception in 2014, including multiple rounds of layoffs, strategic shifts, and leadership changes. Despite these setbacks, the development of an Apple car remains a high-stakes venture for the tech giant, representing a potential new category and a chance to reinvigorate sales growth235. The decision to shift from more advanced self-driving capabilities to a less ambitious design comes as Apple acknowledges the challenges in developing a fully autonomous vehicle in the near term. The company is now focusing on delivering a product with reduced expectations26. The project has been marked by leadership changes and technical problems. The team working on the self-driving technology has faced some technical issues, and the project has seen several high-profile leadership changes in recent years, resulting in some instability and disruption512. The shift in Apple's approach was reportedly due to pressure from Apple's board in 2023. The tentative deadline for the car's debut has also been moved to 2028. Members of Apple's team are seeing it more as a "me-too product," with Tesla cars serving as the benchmark69. Despite the scale-back, Apple plans to continue exploring more complete autonomy after its initial car release. The company also plans to differentiate itself on safety, which has been a criticism of competing Tesla vehicles9.
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