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Axon, a prominent public safety technology company, has recently introduced a new AI-powered software product named "Draft One." This innovative tool is designed to automate the drafting of police reports by transcribing audio from body-worn cameras and generating narratives within seconds. The primary goal of Draft One is to reduce the time officers spend on administrative tasks, thereby allowing them more time to engage with the community.

Key Features and Benefits of Draft One

  • Efficiency: Draft One significantly cuts down the time required for report writing. For instance, the Fort Collins Colorado Police Department reported an 82% reduction in time spent on report writing since implementing the tool.
  • Accuracy and Objectivity: The software adheres strictly to the audio data from body cameras, ensuring that the reports are objective and free from embellishments. A double-blind study comparing Draft One's reports with traditional reports found no significant difference in quality across various dimensions such as completeness and neutrality.
  • Security and Compliance: Draft One includes several safeguards to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the reports. Each report must be reviewed and approved by an officer before submission, and the software includes features that require officers to add or edit information to ensure thoroughness.

Implementation and Usage

Draft One integrates seamlessly into Axon's ecosystem, particularly with Axon body-worn cameras and Axon Evidence. For agencies not using Axon Records, the reports generated can still be easily incorporated into their existing record management systems (RMS). The software is currently available in the U.S. and has been adopted by several law enforcement agencies, demonstrating significant time savings and improved report quality.

Concerns and Criticisms

Despite the apparent benefits, there are concerns about the potential misuse of AI in law enforcement report writing. Critics argue that reliance on AI could lead to a lack of accountability and transparency, with officers potentially blaming the AI for errors in reports. There are also worries about the AI exacerbating existing biases in policing, although Axon has conducted tests to ensure that the reports do not show racial biases.


Axon's Draft One represents a significant step forward in the use of AI in law enforcement, aiming to improve efficiency and allow officers to spend more time on community engagement. However, the adoption of such technology must be carefully managed to address the ethical and practical concerns raised by critics.
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