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Baidu's ChatGPT competitor, known as Ernie Bot, has surpassed 100 million users. Ernie Bot is an AI-powered chatbot developed by the Chinese tech giant Baidu, and it has reached this significant user milestone within months of its public release in August23. The chatbot is based on Baidu's internally developed large language model called ERNIE, which stands for Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration3. Ernie Bot is capable of performing tasks similar to OpenAI's GPT-4, such as writing and rewriting text, summarizing documents, generating code, and even creating multimedia files based on prompts and sample images provided by users3. Baidu has also introduced a paid version of the chatbot, which costs approximately 59.9 yuan (about $8.4) per month3. The development of Ernie Bot began in 2019, and Baidu unveiled the chatbot in March, initially testing it with a limited number of users. The mobile version of Ernie Bot reportedly gained 1 million users within a day of its release3. Baidu's CEO, Robin Li, has expressed confidence in Ernie Bot, stating that it is "not inferior in any aspect to GPT-4," although the latest iteration, Ernie Bot 4.0, is not yet available to the public8. In addition to Ernie Bot, Baidu offers a range of other services, including a mapping service similar to Google Maps, and generated $17.9 billion in revenue from its applications during its last fiscal year. The company is also integrating AI features into its existing services and plans to offer a suite of new AI-native apps alongside the chatbot3. Chinese AI developers, including Baidu, must adhere to the country's regulations, which include conducting security assessments, submitting filings on their algorithms, and labeling AI-generated content. These regulations are part of China's efforts to stay competitive in the AI field while adhering to the core values of socialism4.
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