Bard rebrands as Gemini

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Google is rebranding its Bard AI tool to Gemini, with the change expected to happen next week. This rebranding includes a name change and significant updates to the tool, such as an evolved user interface designed to reduce visual distractions, improve legibility, and simplify navigation. Additionally, Google plans to introduce a choice chat feature with Gemini and launch a new "ultra 1.0" version of the AI. Gemini will also be integrated with Google apps like Gmail, Maps, and YouTube, and will be accessible through text, voice, or images on Android and iOS devices. The rebranding aims to reflect Google's commitment to providing direct access to its AI technologies across supported countries and languages, with the Gemini app expected to be available soon in English in the US, followed by Japanese, Korean, and English globally, except for the UK, Switzerland, European Economic Area countries, and associated territories. The launch in Canada is scheduled for February 7, marking the first time the AI tool will be available in one of the major regions without prior support.
what is the reason behind the rebranding of bard to gemini
what are the new features of gemini compared to bard
how will the rebranding of bard to gemini affect the user experience