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Based on the search results, here is a summary of Bill Gates' key predictions related to 2024:


  • Gates predicts that elections around the world in 2024, particularly in the 60 countries where over 4 billion people live, will be a historic turning point on major issues like health, climate change, and global development. He advises citizens to elect leaders who understand the importance of innovation and progress on these issues.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Gates predicts that 2024 will see significant AI adoption and usage, even for serious applications, in high-income countries. This will "supercharge" innovation.
  • He expects similar levels of AI adoption in lower-income countries like Africa in around 3 years.
  • Gates says AI has the potential to act as a "force of god" that can help reduce global inequality and improve lives.


  • In areas like nuclear technology, Gates predicts lots of new innovations coming to the marketplace in 2024 and beyond. He remains very optimistic about continued progress through innovation.

Climate Change

  • Gates says focusing on innovation funding gives him hope that good progress can be made on climate goals. He predicts 2024 elections will be a climate turning point.
In summary, Gates sees 2024 as a historic inflection point across areas like politics, AI, innovation, and climate - with great potential for progress if citizens and leaders make the right choices. He remains highly optimistic about the future.
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