Boom Supersonic test flight

Boom Supersonic successfully completed the first test flight of its XB-1 demonstrator aircraft, marking a significant milestone towards the return of supersonic travel. The flight took place at the Mojave Air & Space Port in Mojave, California. The XB-1, described as the world's first independently developed supersonic jet, achieved an altitude of 7,120 feet and speeds up to 238 knots (273 mph) during its inaugural flight. This event is a major step forward for Boom Supersonic, which aims to introduce the Overture, the world's fastest airliner, leveraging technologies such as carbon fiber composites, advanced avionics, digitally-optimized aerodynamics, and an advanced supersonic propulsion system. The XB-1's successful flight is seen as laying the groundwork for the development and eventual commercial deployment of the Overture airliner. The Overture is expected to carry 64 to 80 passengers at Mach 1.7, approximately twice the speed of today's commercial airliners, and is designed to operate on up to 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Boom Supersonic has plans to perform 10 to 20 additional test flights of the XB-1 before attempting supersonic speeds, with the company's spokesperson indicating that these tests will include in-flight checks of all systems and multiple test points demonstrating safe margin to flutter (vibration) boundaries. The company is also building a $500 million flagship assembly plant at Greensboro's Piedmont Triad International Airport in North Carolina, with the state and Guilford County providing a $121.5 million incentive package. This facility is expected to employ up to 1,761 workers and will be used for the assembly, testing, and delivery of the Overture airliner, which Boom hopes to have certified for commercial travel by 2029. Boom Supersonic's achievements with the XB-1 are seen as a testament to the potential for reviving supersonic travel, offering faster global travel options while also emphasizing safety and sustainability.
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