Celebrities sign anti-nuke letter

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In a significant move ahead of the Oscars, a group of celebrities, including Julianne Moore, Michael Douglas, Emma Thompson, and others, have signed an open letter advocating for nuclear disarmament. This initiative, named the 'Make Nukes History' campaign, is spearheaded by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and aims to leverage the spotlight on the film "Oppenheimer" to raise awareness about the ongoing threat posed by nuclear weapons. The letter, published in the L.A. Times, emphasizes the historical context of nuclear weapons while highlighting their present danger, stating, "while ‘Oppenheimer' is history, nuclear weapons are not." It calls for global leaders to work towards making nuclear weapons a thing of the past for the safety of families, communities, and the world at large12. The campaign includes various awareness-raising efforts such as billboards, a social media campaign, a mural in West Hollywood, and an art installation at the Farmers Market near The Grove. Approximately 1,000 posters with the message 'Oppenheimer Started It, We Can End It' are also being displayed across Los Angeles12. The NTI, a non-profit think tank, has timed this campaign to coincide with the Oscars, where "Oppenheimer" is expected to receive significant recognition. The initiative also responds to recent geopolitical tensions and the explicit nuclear threats made by global leaders, underscoring the urgency of nuclear disarmament3. The letter's signatories include a mix of actors from the "Oppenheimer" cast, such as Matthew Modine and Tony Goldwyn, as well as other celebrities like Alan Cumming, Annie Lennox, Bill Nye, Ellen Burstyn, Graham Nash, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Rosanna Arquette, and Viggo Mortensen. They collectively express a desire to educate the public about the destructive power of nuclear weapons and advocate for their elimination12. The campaign reflects a broader concern within the entertainment community and beyond about the risks nuclear weapons pose to humanity and the environment, echoing the warnings of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the "father of the atomic bomb," about the dangers of nuclear proliferation and the potential for catastrophic arms races12.
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