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A check signed by Steve Jobs, the former CEO and co-founder of Apple, was sold at auction for $46,063. The check, issued by "Apple Computer Company" in 1976, was made out to electronics retailer RadioShack for $4.01. Jobs filled out the check on July 23, 1976, during the time he and Steve Wozniak were working on the Apple-1 computer. The check lists a Palo Alto address for an answering service and mail drop-off point that Jobs used while Apple was being run out of his parents' garage. This check is particularly significant because Jobs famously did not give autographs, making signed items from him rare and valuable. For instance, a letter written by Jobs, in which he declined a request for an autograph, was sold by RR Auction for $479,939 in 2021. Other checks signed by Jobs have also fetched high prices at auction. For example, a check payable to Crampton, Remke & Miller, Inc., a management consulting firm, for $175, sold for $106,985. Another check, payable to Tektronix, Inc. for $9.18, sold for $55,000. The high prices for these items reflect the growing market for Apple and Steve Jobs memorabilia. The check to RadioShack is especially interesting due to the company's connection to the origin story of Apple. Steve Wozniak, Apple's other co-founder, used a RadioShack computer system in 1972 to build his "Blue Box" – a device for making illegal long-distance calls. This project marked the first collaboration between Jobs and Wozniak, with Jobs marketing it and the pair splitting the profits. Jobs later said that "there wouldn't have been an Apple" without the "Blue Box".
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