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Rumors suggest that Apple is actively developing prototypes for a foldable clamshell iPhone. The company has been exploring foldable iPhone designs since as early as 2018 and currently has at least two active prototypes of models that fold like a clamshell1. The foldable iPhones are in early development and are not on the company's mass production plans for 2024 or 20254. Apple's design team aims to create a device that is half as thin as current models when folded shut, and they have explored adding screens that face outwards, so they can be seen when the device is closed1. However, the company has faced challenges in achieving these design goals110. In addition to the foldable iPhone, Apple is also reportedly developing a larger form-factor foldable iPad17. The foldable iPad is said to have an 8-inch display, making it around the size of the iPad Mini510. Despite these developments, it's important to note that these projects are still in the early stages, and the final products may not be released for several years. The Information suggests that a foldable iPhone might not be released until 2026 or later6. These developments would represent one of the biggest hardware design changes in the product’s history2. If Apple does launch a foldable iPhone, it would compete with similar devices from Samsung, Motorola, Google, and several Chinese brands11.
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