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Cork is increasingly being recognized as a sustainable alternative to plastic, with its use expanding beyond traditional bottle stoppers into various industries. Cork oak trees, from which cork is harvested, play a significant role in carbon sequestration and do not need to be cut down to harvest the material, allowing them to continue absorbing carbon and supporting biodiversity13517. The production of cork stoppers is also found to generate significantly fewer greenhouse gases compared to aluminum and plastic closures2. Cork's biodegradability and recyclability make it an environmentally friendly option39. Programs like Green Cork in Portugal and ReCORK in the United States have been successful in recycling millions of cork stoppers1. Moreover, independent studies have shown that the carbon stored in a single natural cork is more than the emissions produced in its manufacturing5. Despite these benefits, some argue that cork cannot make a meaningful dent in total plastic consumption due to its limited supply and the fact that it is not suited to most use cases where plastics are essential4. However, initiatives like RE-Cork are creating recyclable and biodegradable cork-based composites for stoppers, which appeal to eco-conscious consumers6. In summary, while cork is displacing plastics in certain applications and offers a more sustainable option, it is unlikely to replace plastics entirely due to the vast range of uses for plastics and the limited availability of cork4. Nonetheless, the cork industry is growing and contributing positively to environmental sustainability1235617.
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