Detroit's wireless charging roads

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Detroit has become the first city in North America to debut a wireless charging road for electric vehicles (EVs). The technology, developed by the Israeli company Electreon, has been installed on a quarter-mile stretch of 14th Street in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood1. The wireless charging system works through a series of specialized coils laid beneath the asphalt. Each coil connects back to a series of power-managing hubs along the side of the road. A corresponding receiver is placed beneath the EV, which absorbs power as it crosses over each coil1. However, not all electric vehicles can pick up a charge just yet on 14th Street. The vehicles need to be equipped with a special receiver to take the charge2. The primary goal of this technology is to keep batteries in EVs smaller while still extending their range. The main focus for Electreon right now is less on passenger vehicles and more on public buses or last-mile delivery vehicles1. The Michigan Department of Transportation is working with Electreon on this project, which is part of a public-private partnership aiming to show how this type of EV charging infrastructure could work in practice2. The road will be used to test and perfect this wireless-charging technology in a real-world environment before making it available to the public in the next few years6. This initiative is seen as a significant step towards addressing some of the biggest challenges to EV adoption, such as limited range, grid limitations, and battery size and costs45. The project also represents Michigan's commitment to leading the future of mobility and electrification8.
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