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Disney's HoloTile is an innovative floor technology designed for omnidirectional virtual reality (VR) experiences. Developed by Disney Research fellow Lanny Smoot, the HoloTile floor is described as "the world’s first multi-person, omnidirectional, modular, expandable, treadmill floor"2. This technology allows multiple users to walk in any direction without colliding or walking off the surface, making it a potential game-changer for VR experiences in theme parks and other applications23. The HoloTile floor is made up of hundreds of small, round tiles that function like mini omnidirectional treadmills. These tiles work together to keep the user from leaving the pad, adjusting to the user's movements to enable walking in any direction1. The system is designed to be elegant and addresses some of the common issues with VR peripherals, such as size, noise, and cost1. Lanny Smoot, who has been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, is credited with numerous inventions during his tenure at Disney, including giving Madame Leota her floating ability in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion2. The HoloTile technology was unveiled in a video that also celebrated Smoot's contributions to Disney and his induction into the Hall of Fame3. While the HoloTile floor is still a research project and not yet available for commercial use, it has been suggested that it could be integrated into Disney Parks VR experiences in the future1. The technology also has potential applications in theatrical stages, allowing performers to move and interact in new ways2. In summary, Disney's HoloTile is a cutting-edge technology that could revolutionize VR experiences by enabling free and natural movement in a shared space, with potential applications in theme parks and beyond.
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