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Domino's Pizza turnaround began in 2009 when the company faced declining sales and a damaged reputation due to an unsightly viral video involving employees mishandling food. A survey by Brand Keys placed Domino's in a tie for last place with Chuck E. Cheese in terms of pizza quality. Instead of ignoring the criticism, Domino's launched the "Pizza Turnaround" campaign in December 2009, which involved a brutally honest branded documentary video addressing their pizza quality issues. The company's then-CEO, Patrick Doyle, admitted that customer criticisms were valid and encouraged customers to give Domino's another chance. Domino's reformulated its pizza recipe, improved its menu, and expanded its global presence. The company also embraced digital transformation, revolutionizing online ordering and introducing real-time order tracking. As a result, Domino's became the #1 pizza chain in 2017, with $5.9 billion in annual sales, surpassing Pizza Hut13.
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