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After spending eight months in orbit, Varda Space Industries' drug-manufacturing spacecraft has finally received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to return to Earth. The spacecraft, known as the W-Series 1 capsule or Winnebago-1, is expected to land in the Utah desert at the Air Force's Utah Test and Training Range on February 21123456. The W-1 mission was a demonstration of Varda's automated in-space manufacturing process, which successfully produced pharmaceutical crystals for the drug Ritonavir, used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS12. The spacecraft was launched in June on the SpaceX Transporter-8 rideshare mission and was originally intended to return the following month. However, due to regulatory challenges, the spacecraft remained in orbit longer than planned234. Varda's system uses Rocket Lab's Photon spacecraft as the backbone of its operation, with a manufacturing module and a heatshield-protected capsule designed to survive reentry through Earth's atmosphere1. The capsule, which weighs about 200 pounds, will deploy a parachute to slow its descent before landing2. This mission marks the first time a commercial company has been licensed by the FAA to land a spacecraft on U.S. soil, and it is also the first instance of a Part 450 reentry license being granted under new regulations345. Varda aims to exploit the benefits of microgravity for manufacturing materials like pharmaceuticals and plans to increase the frequency of such missions, with the goal of returning spacecraft containing manufactured materials to Earth as often as monthly by 20263. Rocket Lab has been instrumental in supporting the mission by providing power, communications, ground control, and attitude control to Varda's capsule. Despite the initial planned reentry date being adjusted, Rocket Lab's spacecraft has operated without issue for more than double its intended orbital lifespan6. The success of this mission could pave the way for a new era of microgravity manufacturing, with potential applications in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, fiber optics, and semiconductors1.
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