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The AltStore, an alternative app store for iOS devices, is preparing to launch an official version in the European Union that will take advantage of new rules stemming from the EU's Digital Markets Act (DMA). Here are the key details about the upcoming EU version of AltStore:
  • AltStore developer Riley Testut is working to make AltStore compliant with Apple's requirements for alternative app marketplaces that will be allowed under the DMA starting with iOS 17.4 in March 2024.12
  • The EU AltStore will allow developers to monetize their apps using Patreon integration. Developers can tie access to paid apps to users' Patreon pledges.2 This creates a new business model outside of Apple's standard in-app purchase system.
  • At launch, the EU AltStore will initially offer Testut's own apps - the Delta video game emulator for free, and the Clip clipboard manager app for a $1/month Patreon pledge. Beta versions will later require a $3/month pledge.26
  • The installation process will be dramatically simplified compared to sideloading the current AltStore. It will work virtually the same as the App Store, with no need to connect to a computer.23
  • The interface resembles a modern app store with app categories and download buttons. However, it will include an extra confirmation screen noting the AltStore manages the app, not Apple.2
  • Testut says the EU AltStore is ready to launch as soon as it receives final approval from Apple under the new DMA rules.26
  • The changes enabling alternative app stores like AltStore only apply to iPhones in the EU, not iPads. The rules also won't apply outside the EU, even if using a VPN.39
In summary, the upcoming EU version of AltStore aims to provide iPhone users in Europe with an easy way to access apps that wouldn't be permitted on Apple's App Store, while offering developers more flexibility in monetization through Patreon integration. Its launch hinges on successfully meeting Apple's requirements under the new EU regulations.
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