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Epic Games, the maker of the popular video game Fortnite, has won a significant antitrust lawsuit against Google. The lawsuit alleged that Google's Play Store operates as an illegal monopoly, stifling competition and innovation, and extracting exorbitant fees1. The jury found in favor of Epic Games on all counts, agreeing that Google has monopoly power in the Android app distribution markets and in-app billing services markets, and that Google engaged in anticompetitive behavior in these markets3. The lawsuit was filed by Epic Games three years ago, following a dispute over in-app purchase fees. Epic Games claimed that Google's Play Store constituted an unlawful monopoly and sought to make the use of third-party app stores, sideloaded apps, and non-Google payment processors easier4. The jury agreed with Epic Games, finding that Google had turned its Google Play app store and Google Play Billing service into an illegal monopoly4. The jury also found that Google had set up special deals with some companies to prevent them from building competing app stores of their own2. Epic Games presented evidence asserting that Google's claim of welcoming competition was a pretense, citing the hundreds of billions of dollars it has spent to discourage competition against its Play Store for Android apps5. This decision represents a significant victory for Epic Games, which has been fighting a years-long battle against Google and Apple over their control of their respective app stores2. However, Google has stated that it plans to appeal the verdict13. The court will begin work on what remedies to implement in January1. It's worth noting that this outcome contrasts with a similar antitrust case that Epic Games lodged against Apple in 2020. In that case, a U.S. judge largely ruled in favor of Apple in September 20211. Epic Games has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to revive key claims in the Apple case1.
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Epic Games wins antitrust lawsuit against Google over barriers to ...
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