FKA Twigs submits AI testimony in Senate

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FKA Twigs recently testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property regarding the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes. In her testimony, she revealed that she has been developing her own AI deepfake for the past year. Here are the key points from her testimony and related news coverage:
  • Twigs advocated for AI as a valuable creative and commercial tool, as long as artists consent and maintain control over their digital representations. She stated, "My art is the canvas on which I paint my identity and the sustaining foundation of my livelihood. It is the essence of my being. Yet this is under threat."
  • She warned that AI could be used to mimic and falsely claim her identity and intellectual property without her permission. "AI cannot replicate the depth of my life journey, yet those who control it hold the power to mimic the likeness of my art, to replicate it and falsely claim my identity and intellectual property."
  • Twigs called for regulations to be enacted now to "safeguard our authenticity and protect against misappropriation of our inalienable rights." She emphasized that artists' "careers and livelihoods are in jeopardy" without proper legislative controls.
  • She revealed her own deepfake project, "AI twigs", has been in development for a year. It is trained on her personality and can use her exact voice to speak multiple languages. She plans to use it to manage her social media interactions while she focuses on her art.
  • Twigs testified alongside Warner Music Group CEO Robert Kyncl in support of the proposed NO FAKES Act, which would allow artists to sue unauthorized creators of AI-generated deepfakes that exploit their likeness.
  • In her written testimony submitted to the Senate, Twigs passionately argued, "As artists and, more importantly, human beings, we are a facet of our given, learned, and developed identity... It is therefore vital that as an industry and as legislators we work together to ensure we do all we can to protect our creative and intellectual rights as well as the very basis of who we are."
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