FedEx e-commerce launch

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FedEx announced on January 14, 2024, that it will launch a new data-driven e-commerce platform called fdx in the fall of 2024. The platform is currently available as a private preview upon request. The fdx platform is designed to connect the entire customer journey, making it easier for businesses to increase conversion, optimize fulfillment, and streamline returns. It will build on the features of ShopRunner, an online e-commerce store that FedEx acquired in 2020. The fdx platform will offer features such as enabling merchants to give estimated delivery dates to customers during shopping and ordering, data on supply chain resources’ carbon impact, and a custom post-purchase experience for brands to provide to their customers. The platform will also help merchants make more strategic logistics decisions from the point of demand to delivery. The move is seen as a strategic step to compete with Amazon, which has been a significant threat to FedEx's business for years. FedEx's CEO, Raj Subramaniam, emphasized that the platform's role is to strengthen merchant relationships and help businesses grow consumer demand, improve conversion rates, and streamline logistics processes. The fdx platform will also offer a unified platform for retailers, which is more efficient than a siloed approach with many vendors and technology. The platform will help retailers track the four most important areas of e-commerce: demand, conversion, fulfillment, and returns.
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