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Frame AI glasses are a product of Brilliant Labs, an open-source pair of AI glasses that are designed to provide augmented reality experiences. They come in three colors: black, white, or transparent, and are compatible with prescription lenses. The glasses use a microOLED panel for displaying augmented reality content. The design files and code for the glasses are freely available on Github. The glasses feature a tiny camera in the nose piece and the ear pieces are designed to look like coin battery-shaped speakers, but they are actually just batteries. The glasses are expected to have all-day battery life. The glasses are available for pre-order at $349 and are expected to ship as soon as April 2024161112. The Frame glasses are touted as the world's first glasses with an integrated multimodal AI assistant. They are powered by your smartphone and operate on the cellular or Wi-Fi network that it's connected to. The glasses are not intended to replace your phone, but rather to augment it3. The glasses also feature a high-resolution vivid display with 3,000 nits of brightness, a front-facing spatial camera, an integrated microphone, and a 6DoF IMU for advanced applications11. The glasses are manufactured using engineering-grade nylon plastic for comfort and durability11. The glasses are designed to be an AI assistant that helps you get through your day, along with taking photos, which can be done with the camera8. The glasses are also capable of real-time speech recognition and translation11. The glasses are open-source, and their design files and code are available on Github. They have been designed for an IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range of 58-72mm, which covers most, but not all, people6. The glasses might require a subscription to use some AI features, and prices haven’t been determined yet. Since Frame uses Perplexity AI, that could help give you an idea of the cost. Perplexity AI’s website has a free tier, but for more daily queries and multimodal use, you need a subscription that’s $20 per month or $200 per year8. In terms of competition, there are other AI-powered glasses in the market such as the Envision Glasses, which are designed to be worn all day with its comfortable and lightweight profile. They come with two kinds of frames: Standard Titanium Frames and Smith Optics Frames27. There are also the Amazon Echo Frames, which are audio-enabled glasses that have been around since 20205.
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