GPT-5 release rumors

Based on the recent rumors and reports, it seems likely that OpenAI will release a major new language model, potentially called GPT-5, sometime in mid-2024, and possibly as early as this summer14. However, OpenAI has not officially confirmed the release timeline or even the existence of GPT-5. Some key points about the potential GPT-5 release:
  • Anonymous sources claim enterprise customers have recently received demos of GPT-5, describing it as "materially better" than GPT-41.
  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has hinted that they will release an "amazing new model" this year, but hasn't confirmed if it will be called GPT-51. He previously said GPT-5 was not in development as of mid-20232.
  • Rumors suggest GPT-5 could be 10x more powerful than GPT-4 and capable of generating human-like text, perfect translations, and creative writing3. However, these claims are unverified.
  • After training, GPT-5 will likely undergo extensive safety testing which could impact the release timeline14.
  • If released, GPT-5 is expected to be a further leap in AI capabilities, potentially bringing us closer to artificial general intelligence (AGI)23.
While the rumors are exciting, it's important to wait for official announcements from OpenAI. Altman himself has given mixed messages, so the release plans still seem uncertain. GPT-5 will almost certainly come eventually, representing another major milestone, but the exact timing and capabilities remain to be seen.
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