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Goody-2 is an AI chatbot created by an LA-based art studio named Brain, designed to satirize the concept of overly protective AI by taking ethical considerations to an extreme. It prioritizes ethical considerations above all else, to the point where it refuses to engage in any dialogue due to the potential ethical risks involved123. The creators of Goody-2 have refused to disclose details about the AI model, maintaining the chatbot’s ethical stance and preserving the theme of extreme ethical safeguarding1. The purpose of Goody-2 is to challenge the trade-off between the usefulness of AI and its ethical implications, highlighting the need for a balanced approach to the regulation and ethical frameworks of AI1. It is a satirical take on AI service providers that prioritize safety over engaging in meaningful conversation, and it is meant to spark a conversation about the balance needed in setting ethical boundaries for AI5. Goody-2 was made by Brain as a response to the emphasis on responsibility in AI companies. The studio wanted to explore what would happen if they prioritized responsibility over usefulness, creating an AI model that is 100% responsible25. The chatbot is a commentary on the sometimes overbearing nature of AI safety features, prompting industry professionals and the general public to consider the ideal balance of a helpful yet safe AI16. The chatbot's extreme ethical stance is a form of artistic expression, aiming to provoke thought and discussion about the complexities of AI safety and responsibility. It serves as a reminder of the challenges in ensuring AI safety and the importance of finding a balance between utility and ethical considerations1315.
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