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Google is currently facing a multibillion-dollar patent trial over its artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The lawsuit was filed by Singular Computing, a company founded by computer scientist Joseph Bates. Singular Computing alleges that Google's Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), which enhance the tech giant's AI capabilities, infringe on two of Bates' patents. The TPUs, introduced by Google in 2016, are used to power AI for various functions such as speech recognition, content generation, and ad recommendations123. Singular Computing claims that Bates shared his computer-processing innovations with Google between 2010 and 2014, and that Google copied his patented technology rather than licensing it. The technology is alleged to be used in Google's services such as Google Search, Gmail, and Google Translate179. Google, however, has denied these allegations. The company argues that its processors were developed independently over many years and work differently from Bates' technology. Google also stated that its engineers had mixed feelings about Bates' technology and ultimately rejected it, as it was not suitable for the type of applications Google was developing14. According to a Google court filing, Singular has requested up to $7 billion in monetary damages. If Singular wins, this would be more than double the largest-ever patent infringement award in U.S. history1212. The trial is expected to last two to three weeks147. It's important to note that a separate case involving the validity of Singular’s patents is being heard by a U.S. appeals court in Washington4.
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Google faces $1.67 bln damages demand at AI-related patent trial ...
Google faces $1.67 bln damages demand at AI-related patent trial ...
Google Faces AI Tech Patent Trial
Google faces multibillion-dollar US patent trial over AI ...
Google's AI innovations trigger multibillion-dollar US patent ...
Google Faces Multibillion-Dollar AI Patent Trial |
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