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Musician Grimes, in partnership with toy company Curio and OpenAI, has developed a line of interactive AI plush toys for children. The toys can converse with and "learn" the personalities of their owners. The three plush figurines are named Gabbo, Grem, and Grok, with Grimes providing the voice for all three1. Grok, the AI toy, is shaped like a plush rocketship and allows kids to communicate with it, engaging in conversations and imaginary play. The toy has a speaker and microphone, and it sends transcriptions of all the conversations that the child has with the toy to an app on the parent's phone for monitoring2. The toy was designed with Grimes's children in mind, particularly her son X Æ A-Xii, as he is of an age where he can effectively communicate with the toy3. The toy is educational, imaginative, and entertaining, according to Curio4. The name Grok is a shortening of the word "Grocket," which Grimes coined due to her children's exposure to rockets through their father's ownership of SpaceX2. Despite the same name, the toy Grok has no relationship with Elon Musk's AI chatbot Grok12. The toys are part of a growing AI toy market, which is expected to be worth $35.11 billion by 20303. The Grok toy is available for pre-order for $99, with shipping expected in early 20242.
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