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Henry Kissinger, who served as a national security adviser and secretary of state under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, is remembered as one of the most influential and controversial figures in U.S. foreign policy. His legacy is marked by significant diplomatic achievements as well as contentious actions that have led to a polarized view of his impact on global affairs12345678910. Kissinger's major diplomatic accomplishments include the development of a policy of détente with the Soviet Union, which led to the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) in 1969, and the opening of relations with the People's Republic of China. His "shuttle diplomacy" also helped contain the 1973 Arab-Israeli war127. He was awarded the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in negotiating a ceasefire in the Vietnam War, although the award was controversial and the ceasefire was not durable78. Kissinger's approach to foreign policy was characterized by "realpolitik" — engaging with the world based on practical objectives rather than moral ideals2367. This pragmatic approach has been both praised for its effectiveness and criticized for its perceived disregard for human rights346. Critics of Kissinger point to his role in the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War, which resulted in civilian deaths and contributed to the rise of the Khmer Rouge regime. He has also been criticized for backing Pakistan's genocide in Bangladesh, and for supporting the Argentine dictatorship's "dirty war" against dissidents234568. Some critics have even branded him a war criminal18. After leaving office in 1977, Kissinger remained a prominent voice in foreign policy, serving on various commissions and advisory boards, and continuing to write and lecture on the subject123569. Despite the controversies surrounding his tenure, a 2015 survey of top international relations scholars ranked Kissinger as the most effective U.S. secretary of state in the 50 years to 20157. In conclusion, Henry Kissinger's legacy is complex and multifaceted. His contributions to U.S. foreign policy, particularly his efforts to ease Cold War tensions and open relations with China, have had a lasting impact. However, his approach to diplomacy and his involvement in controversial actions have also led to significant criticism and debate12345678910.
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