How Pulsar weapons jam electronics

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Electromagnetic pulse
Brief burst of electromagnetic energy
An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also known as a transient electromagnetic disturbance (TED), is a short-lived burst of electromagnetic energy.
The origins of an EMP can be both natural or artificial, manifesting as an electromagnetic field, electric field, magnetic field, or a conducted electric current.
EMPs can disrupt communications, damage electronic equipment, and in cases like lightning strikes, cause physical damage to buildings and aircraft.
Pulsar is a family of AI-powered electronic warfare (EW) systems developed by Anduril Industries. The system is designed to jam devices such as drones, provide geolocation services, and facilitate communications. Pulsar identifies new threats in the electromagnetic spectrum and compresses the timeline for a response by pushing out a catered defense within hours or days. This defense can then be networked with the entire Pulsar family, enabling all systems to learn from and recognize new threats. The jamming process involves overwhelming a target device's sensors with electromagnetic energy, effectively blinding or disabling it. In the case of drones, this could mean disrupting their communication with a controller or interfering with their navigation systems. Pulsar's AI capabilities allow it to rapidly adapt to changing threats and counter them more effectively. Pulsar is available in air- and land-based versions, with a portable model for troops also in development. The system has reportedly been used by some US forces, including Special Operations Command, to counter electronic warfare threats. In summary, Pulsar weapons jam electronics by identifying and adapting to new threats in the electromagnetic spectrum, and then overwhelming target devices with electromagnetic energy to disable or disrupt their functioning.
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