How did the Michelin Guide start?

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The Michelin Guide started in 1900 when brothers André and Édouard Michelin, founders of the Michelin tire company, decided to create a guidebook for motorists in France. The aim was to encourage more road travel, which would, in turn, increase the demand for cars and tires. The first edition of the guide was distributed for free and contained useful information for travelers, such as maps, instructions on how to change a tire, locations of petrol stations, and places to eat and stay12. As the tire company grew, so did the guide. In 1920, the Michelin brothers started charging for the guide, and in 1926, they introduced the Michelin star system for fine dining establishments. Initially, restaurants were awarded only a single star, but by 1931, a hierarchy of zero, one, two, and three stars was introduced. In 1936, the criteria for the starred rankings were published12. Over the years, the Michelin Guide has expanded to cover multiple countries and has become a prestigious authority on fine dining worldwide1.
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