How to get more matches on dating apps?

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Getting more matches on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, and involves a combination of improving your profile, being active on the platform, and using the app's features to your advantage. Here are some tips based on the search results:
  1. Improve Your Profile:
    • Use high-quality photos that clearly represent your personality and everyday lifestyle. Include a mix of headshots, body shots, and if you're adventurous, an active photo. Avoid selfies and group photos where it's hard to identify you5.
    • Bumble's data suggests that users get more matches if they have 4 or more photos in their lineup, smile, and make eye contact in their pics6.
    • Write a bio that lets your personality shine through. Be yourself and don't leave this section blank. Mention things you love, your hobbies, and what you're looking for in a relationship35.
    • On Hinge, respond to the profile prompts. These are questions that users feel strongly about, so your answers can help you connect with potential matches4.
    • On Bumble, use the Profile Badges to show potential matches what you're all about2.
    • On OkCupid, answer more questions. The more questions you answer, the higher your potential match score3.
  2. Be Active:
    • Log in during peak hours. For example, most OkCupid users are active between 7–10 pm3.
    • On Hinge, you're given a select choice of 10 profiles a day on the free version which you can 'Like' to try and match with. This updates every day at 4 am4.
    • On Bumble, check the app daily, swipe right only on the matches you're truly interested in, and respond to messages6.
  3. Use App Features:
    • On Tinder, Super Likes can triple your chances of getting a match. However, the algorithm rewards pickiness and disincentivizes people to swipe right too much. You're limited to 100 right swipes per day in Tinder1.
    • Bumble's SuperSwipe feature allows you to let potential matches know that you're particularly interested in them. Men who use SuperSwipe are twice as likely to get a match2.
    • On Bumble, go through profile verification. This can increase trust and attract more matches6.
  4. Consider Premium Features:
    • Some apps offer premium features that can increase your visibility and match rate. For example, Tinder has options like extra Super Likes and Boosts, which serve your profile to an increased number of people in your area for a limited amount of time1.
    • On Bumble, you can upgrade to Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium for more SuperSwipes2.
    • On Hinge, you can pay for an unlimited amount of Likes4.
Remember, the goal is not just to get more matches, but to have better interactions with your matches and go on actual dates4. So, focus on quality over quantity and be genuine in your interactions.
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