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According to recent reports, Instagram is testing a new program called "Creator AI" that would allow popular influencers to use AI-powered chatbots to interact with their followers. Here are the key details:
  • The program is currently in early stages of testing and is known internally as "Creator AI".
  • It would enable influencers to chat with fans through Instagram's direct messaging system using chatbots that mimic the influencer's unique voice.
  • The chatbots would be trained on the influencer's Instagram posts, DMs, comments, and audio from Reels and Stories to capture their style.
  • Most interactions would be automated, and the chatbot messages would initially disclose they were AI-generated.
  • The goal is to allow creators with large followings to foster stronger fan connections while reducing time spent personally responding to high volumes of messages.
  • Instagram's Director of Fashion Partnerships Eva Chen has reportedly been introducing the initiative to creators.
  • This aligns with Meta's broader efforts to integrate AI capabilities across its products. CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously stated Meta was developing AI personas to help people through text conversations.
In summary, Instagram's "Creator AI" aims to revolutionize how influencers engage with fans at scale by deploying custom AI chatbots. While still an early experiment, it demonstrates Meta's increasing focus on weaving generative AI experiences into its social platforms.
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