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The Vision Pro patent, which includes Jony Ive as an inventor, details ways an external screen on a head-mounted display could be used to indicate what the wearer is seeing or doing. This patent is not specifically about the Vision Pro and its "EyeSight" display feature, but it's clear that some of the ideas informed the features in the final headset. One of the distinguishing features of Apple’s Vision Pro headset is the outer display. This display shows colorful abstract patterns when the user is fully immersed in content, and a simulation of their eyes when they are in augmented reality mode, able to see their surroundings. The patent suggests that the external screen of the Vision Pro could show the user's eyes or a color pattern to indicate full immersion in virtual reality. The patent also includes drawings that depict various things that the Vision Pro headset's external display could show at different times. These include the weather, a stock price chart, a DO NOT DISTURB sign, or even replacing the wearer’s eyes with Zoom icons. However, it's important to note that patents don't necessarily equate to shipping products or features. Apple is reportedly very close to launching the Vision Pro, and the patent shows that the company is exploring possibilities to make the virtual reality headset more useful. However, it's worth noting that merely winning a patent does not mean Apple will include this feature in the Vision Pro headset – either now or in the future.
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