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Kendrick Lamar, in collaboration with Dave Free's company pgLang and the technology company Light, released a limited edition pgLang mobile phone on November 2, 2023123. The phone is marketed as a minimalist device, devoid of modern features like a web browser or color interface, and is positioned as a less distracting and tech-heavy alternative to other modern designs12. The phone is also described as a "phone for humans" due to its lack of third-party apps, which often come with tracking technology2. The Light Phone II, as it is called, offers a minimalistic experience without apps or color. In its simplest form, you can call, text, set an alarm, and use it as a hotspot. However, there are add-on tools that include a music player, notes, a calculator, directions, and more3. The phone also comes with a "language" tool that acts as a magic 8-ball. Users are invited to ask the phone a question and shake it to find out an answer3. The phone was available for purchase on pgLang's official website, but the phones were limited edition and restricted to just 250 models13. The 250 devices have already sold out as of Friday morning, according to pgLang's official website3. The phone was sold at a price tag of $2993. The intention of the phone – to see people more present in real life and less dependent on their devices – is in line with the ethos of the Light brand, which describes itself as not just another tech company125. The new limited-edition launch followed on from the brand’s Light Phone II, which Light described as “more reliable and practical” than the original design1.
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