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Lamborghini has unveiled a redesigned version of its iconic raging bull logo for the first time in over 20 years12346. The changes are subtle, but are part of a broader transformation of the Lamborghini brand as it looks towards an electrified future256. Key details of the logo update include:
  • A slightly wider "Lamborghini" typeface at the top of the logo134
  • Simplified, flatter styling that loses some of the previous 3D look45
  • Black and white become the primary colors, with yellow and a new gold shade as accent colors134
  • The raging bull will be used on its own without the shield for digital branding, like on Lamborghini's website and social media2356
Lamborghini says the new logo better represents the brand's values of being "brave, unexpected and authentic"246. It is part of the company's "Direzione Cor Tauri" strategy focused on decarbonization and electrification56. The updated logo will be used on future Lamborghini models, likely debuting on the upcoming Huracan successor and plug-in hybrid Urus later this year13. An all-new typeface inspired by the angular design of Lamborghini's cars has also been created for corporate use256. While the changes are minimal, the logo refresh symbolizes a new chapter for Lamborghini as it transitions to hybrid and electric vehicles in the coming years256. The first fully electric Lamborghini is planned to launch in 202813.
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