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Shohei Ohtani holds the record for the largest sports contract, having signed a 10-year, $700 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers6. Other notable contracts include:
  1. Lionel Messi - FC Barcelona (Association football): 4 years (2017–2021), $674 million1
  2. Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs (NFL): 10 years (2020–2031), $450 million1
  3. Karim Benzema - Al-Ittihad (World Football): 2 years, $426 million3
  4. Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels (MLB): 12 years, $426.5 million3
  5. Mookie Betts - Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB): 12 years, $365 million3
  6. Aaron Judge - New York Yankees (MLB): 9 years, $360 million3
  7. Manny Machado - San Diego Padres (MLB): 11 years, $350 million3
  8. Francisco Lindor - New York Mets (MLB): 10 years, $341 million3
  9. Fernando Tatis Jr. - San Diego Padres (MLB): 14 years, $340 million3
These figures include signing bonuses but exclude options, buyouts, and endorsement deals1.
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