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Lenovo has introduced a concept for a transparent laptop called the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop, which was showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This device features a 17.3-inch MicroLED display that offers up to 55 percent transparency when its pixels are set to black and turned off. As the pixels light up, the display becomes less transparent, until it appears completely opaque with a peak brightness of 1000 nits1. The transparent display is not just a visual novelty; it has potential practical applications. For example, Lenovo suggests that the transparency could be useful for digital artists who can see the world behind the laptop's screen while sketching on the lower half of the laptop, where the keyboard is located. This could be seen as a form of augmented reality, as the laptop can use AI object recognition to identify items placed behind it and potentially overlay digital information or imagery1. Additionally, the laptop concept includes a completely flat touch keyboard that doubles as a drawing tablet. The keyboard projection can disappear when a stylus is brought close to the drawing surface, allowing for a seamless transition between typing and drawing1. While the ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop is still a concept and not yet a commercial product, Lenovo has expressed high confidence that the technologies demonstrated will make it into a real laptop within the next five years. The company is exploring the potential of transparent displays and AI integration, with the aim of enhancing collaboration and adding a new dimension to the user experience15. It's important to note that this laptop is currently a prototype and has limitations, such as a 720p resolution and the lack of tactile feedback from the touch keyboard. Lenovo is considering solutions like AI to learn a user's typing habits to improve accuracy5. Despite these challenges, the concept has garnered attention for its innovative approach to laptop design and potential future applications.
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