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In mid-September 2023, two lawmakers in Massachusetts introduced a bill aimed at ensuring the responsible use of advanced robotic technologies. The legislation seeks to prohibit the manufacture, sale, and use of weaponized robots1. This proposal is notable due to the general lack of U.S. state and national laws governing such concerns, which have been growing due to the increasing use and capabilities of robotic technologies12. The bill is not intended to stifle innovation in the robotics industry. Instead, it aims to prevent the misuse of robots in potentially harmful ways, such as attaching weapons to them. The lawmakers have received support from the robotics trade association and companies like Boston Dynamics, which are leading the development of advanced robotics1. The concern about "killer robots" extends beyond military applications. There have been instances where robots have been used in ways they were not originally intended for, such as when the Dallas Police Department mounted a bomb on a bomb disposal robot to kill a suspect in 20162. The Massachusetts bill is an attempt to regulate such uses of robots and ensure they are used responsibly and ethically.
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