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On January 31, 2024, the CEOs of Meta, X (formerly Twitter), Discord, TikTok, and Snap testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding concerns over child safety on their platforms. This landmark hearing was prompted by increasing worries about the impact of social media on children, including issues related to child exploitation, mental health, and exposure to harmful content.

Key Points from the Testimony

  • Apologies and Acknowledgments: Mark Zuckerberg of Meta and Evan Spiegel of Snap issued apologies to families affected by tragedies linked to their platforms. Zuckerberg directly addressed the families present, expressing sorrow for their losses914. Spiegel also expressed regret, particularly to families who lost children to drug-related incidents facilitated through Snapchat114.
  • Legislative Support and Safety Measures: The CEOs highlighted their platforms' efforts to protect young users. Evan Spiegel reiterated Snap's support for the Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) and the Stop CSAM Act, aimed at making it easier for victims of child exploitation to sue tech companies1122. Linda Yaccarino of X also expressed support for these legislative efforts14.
  • Challenges and Criticisms: Despite these apologies and commitments to safety, the hearing underscored a significant gap between the tech industry's assurances and the expectations of lawmakers and the public. Senators and parents criticized the tech leaders for not doing enough to protect children from the myriad dangers online, including sexual exploitation, bullying, and exposure to harmful content1379.
  • Contentious Exchanges and Emotional Testimonies: The hearing featured emotional moments, including parents holding up pictures of children who died due to factors linked to social media use. The tech executives faced tough questioning from senators, with some, like Sen. Josh Hawley, directly challenging Zuckerberg on whether he would take personal responsibility for the harms associated with his platform91618.
  • Industry-Wide Concerns and Calls for Action: The testimony highlighted a broad consensus on the need for more robust measures to protect children online. However, it also revealed the complexities of regulating and overseeing social media platforms, with CEOs pointing to efforts to improve safety but also emphasizing the challenges of balancing user engagement with protection1116.


The Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing with the CEOs of major social media companies marked a critical moment in the ongoing debate over online child safety. While the tech leaders offered apologies and highlighted their platforms' safety measures, the hearing underscored the urgent need for concrete action and legislative solutions to address the profound risks children face online. The emotional testimonies from affected families and the contentious exchanges between senators and CEOs reflect the high stakes of this issue, emphasizing the imperative for meaningful change to safeguard young users in the digital age.
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Meta, TikTok CEOs testify in Senate hearing on child exploitation
Meta, TikTok and Other Social Media CEOs Testify in Heated Senate ...
Meta, TikTok and other social media CEOs testify in heated Senate ...
Meta, TikTok and other social media CEOs testify in heated Senate ...
Meta, X, TikTok CEOs Testify in Heated US Senate Hearing on Child ...
Meta, TikTok and other social media CEOs testify in heated Senate ...
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