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Meta is set to enhance its Ray-Ban smart glasses with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities starting next month. This update will introduce a range of multimodal AI features, including the ability to perform translations and identify objects, animals, and monuments. Users will be able to activate the glasses' smart assistant by simply saying "Hey Meta," followed by a prompt or question. The glasses will then respond through speakers built into the frames, providing users with information and assistance in real-time123. The AI integration aims to offer a seamless, hands-free experience, allowing users to access information and perform tasks without the need to use their hands. This includes taking photos, recording videos, playing music, and now, with the AI update, asking questions about the environment around them. For instance, users can inquire about the food they are consuming, the buildings they are facing, or the animals they encounter4. The New York Times provided an early look at how well Meta's AI functions, testing the glasses in various settings such as grocery stores, while driving, at museums, and even at the zoo. While the AI was able to correctly identify pets and artwork, it faced challenges with zoo animals that were far away or behind cages and struggled to identify an exotic fruit called a cherimoya after multiple attempts. The glasses currently support translations in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German, with Meta expected to continue refining these features3. Meta's pivot towards AI represents a significant shift for the company, which has been ramping up its AI endeavors over the past couple of months. The Ray-Ban smart glasses, equipped with a microphone and camera, are part of this shift, allowing users to bring AI into the real world. The glasses are available for order at Ray-Ban for $299.992. This update is part of Meta's broader effort to integrate AI into its products, providing users with innovative and practical applications of AI technology. As the technology continues to evolve, Meta is likely to further enhance the capabilities of its smart glasses, potentially including more languages for translation and improving object recognition accuracy123.
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