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Microsoft Paint, a long-standing basic graphics editing program included with Windows, has received significant updates that enhance its functionality and bring it closer to more advanced image editing software like Adobe Photoshop. These updates, introduced as part of Microsoft's efforts to modernize its applications for Windows 11, include several new features and improvements powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Key Updates to Microsoft Paint

  • Introduction of Layers: One of the most significant updates is the introduction of layers, a feature commonly associated with more sophisticated image editing software. This allows users to manage different elements of their artwork separately, making complex compositions easier to handle2.
  • AI-Powered Features: Microsoft has integrated AI-powered capabilities into Paint, including the ability to remove backgrounds from images and support for transparency in ".png" files. This marks a significant step forward in making advanced editing techniques more accessible to users2.
  • Paint Cocreator: A notable addition is the Paint Cocreator feature, which leverages generative AI to create images based on text prompts. This feature is part of Microsoft's broader integration of AI into its suite of applications, offering users a novel way to generate artwork4.
  • Enhanced Brush and Tool Features: Updates include a new brush size slider and improvements to the layer panel, making the tool more versatile and user-friendly. These changes are aimed at improving the overall user experience and expanding the creative possibilities within Paint1.

Broader Context and Availability

These updates are part of a larger effort by Microsoft to update and enhance its built-in applications for Windows 11, incorporating AI functionalities across the board. The updates to Paint, including layers and AI-powered features, are available through the Microsoft Store, allowing users to manually update the app or wait for automatic updates2. The introduction of AI features, such as the Paint Cocreator, aligns with Microsoft's strategy to integrate AI into its products, making advanced capabilities more accessible to a wider audience. This move also reflects a growing trend in the tech industry towards leveraging AI for creative and productivity tasks34.


The recent updates to Microsoft Paint represent a significant evolution of the application, introducing features that enhance its utility for digital art and image editing. By incorporating layers, AI-powered tools, and improved usability features, Microsoft has revitalized Paint, making it a more compelling option for casual users and potentially attracting a new audience to the application. These updates underscore Microsoft's commitment to improving its software offerings and embracing AI technology to enhance user experiences1234.
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