Midjourney bans Stability employees

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Midjourney, a generative AI software developer, has banned all employees of Stability AI from using its service. This decision came after Midjourney detected what it described as "botnet-like activity" from paid accounts, which it linked to a Stability AI data team employee. The activity involved attempts to scrape text prompts and the resulting images produced by Midjourney's model, which could potentially be used to train or improve Stability AI's own model. The incident that triggered the ban occurred around midnight on March 2, causing a 24-hour outage of Midjourney's commercial service. Midjourney's response was to indefinitely ban all Stability AI employees and introduce a new policy that would ban employees of any company engaged in "aggressive automation" or causing service outages. Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque has stated that the actions were not intentional and that if any scraping was done by a Stability employee, it was not a DDoS attack and was not instructed by Stability AI. Mostaque also mentioned that Stability AI is content with its own dataset and that the Stable Diffusion 3 AI model they are developing outperforms other models, implying there was no need to scrape data from Midjourney. Midjourney founder David Holz has reportedly sent information to Mostaque to assist with Stability AI's internal investigation. The situation is still developing, and the details of the incident and the extent of the alleged data scraping are not fully clear.
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