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The undisputed leader in page views is Wikipedia's Main Page, with over 46.8 billion views as of January 2023. This is more than the rest of the Top 100 most viewed pages combined. Other top pages by views include:
  • ChatGPT (49.5 million)
  • Deaths in 2023 (42.7 million)
  • 2023 Cricket World Cup (41.1 million)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (32.5 million)
  • Queen Elizabeth II (29.8 million)


The top pages reflect major events and trends of 2023, including:
  • Rising interest in AI like ChatGPT
  • Celebrity deaths like Lisa Marie Presley and Queen Elizabeth II
  • Popular culture like Top Gun: Maverick and Bollywood
  • News events like the Russian invasion of Ukraine
The top pages also show the growing influence of India. Bollywood films and cricket dominated the top spots, reflecting India's large population and media industry.


The page view record for a single page is over 9 million views in one week, held by Joe Biden's page around the 2020 US election. The Main Page holds the record for most views all-time, with over 46.8 billion as of January 2023. This is more than the rest of the Top 100 pages combined. So in summary, Wikipedia's Main Page leads in total views, while trends and events shape the most viewed pages each year. India's rising population and media are also having a growing impact.
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