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Motorola has recently unveiled a concept for a flexible phone that can be worn like a bracelet or watch. This was showcased at the Lenovo Tech World '23 event in Austin1. The phone, referred to as an "adaptive display concept," features a full HD display that can be bent into multiple shapes, including a U-shaped bracelet that straps onto your wrist12. When laid flat, the phone offers a 6.9” display, and when curved to sit on a flat surface, it provides a 4.6” display1. The flexible screen is paired with a fabric backing, which is unusual for a smartphone1. The phone doesn't just friction-fit to your wrist, but magnetically clings to an unobtrusive bracelet that you wear underneath1. However, it's suggested not to wear this while jogging or engaged in energetic movement1. The phone is equipped with several AI components, including a generative AI feature that allows you to take a picture of your outfit and automatically generate matching wallpaper, ensuring your wearable phone matches your fashion and style every day1. Motorola is also developing MotoAI, a personal assistant based on ChatGPT-like technology to perform various tasks right on your wrist17. This concept phone could potentially reduce the need for a smartwatch like an Apple Watch or Fitbit or Samsung Galaxy, as it could replace all the notification and information uses of smartphones1. However, it wouldn't be suitable for exercise tracking1. There are still many unanswered questions about this concept phone, such as its weight, how long it can be worn before it becomes tiring or annoying, and its durability135. As of now, there is no estimated ship date for the phone, indicating that it's still in the realm of concept technology1. It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Motorola has explored the idea of a bendable phone. The company had previously showcased a similar concept in 20165. However, it remains to be seen whether this latest concept will become a reality.
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