NYC teachers test AI assistant

New York City teachers are currently piloting an artificial intelligence (AI) tool named YourWai, developed by Learning Innovation Catalyst in Colombia, to assist in creating lesson plans. This initiative, primarily tested in some Brooklyn high schools, aims to reduce the time teachers spend on lesson planning by allowing them to input students' needs and desired standards into the app, which then generates a lesson plan. Superintendent Janice Ross highlighted the potential of YourWai to revolutionize teaching by freeing up teachers to focus more on creative thinking rather than curriculum development. Despite the optimism, there are concerns regarding the AI's potential biases and inaccuracies, with critics emphasizing the importance of lesson planning as a creative and essential teaching activity. In a related development, the Urban Assembly network of small public high schools in New York City is exploring the use of AI to enhance teacher feedback. This project, in collaboration with the American Institutes of Research, involves an AI-powered tool that analyzes videos of teachers in the classroom to provide feedback. The tool aims to save instructional coaches time and expand access to quality feedback for teachers. However, some educators express skepticism about the technology's ability to accurately capture and interpret classroom interactions and its potential biases. These initiatives are part of a broader trend in New York City's education system to integrate AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, into teaching and learning processes. The city's education department has moved from banning ChatGPT on school devices to embracing its potential for enhancing education, with plans to open an institute to study AI's applications in schools.
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